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Dear Guest -enjoy Tantric Experience with us

Tantra Massage Luzern



Our massage oasis is located in the old town of Lucerne

5 min walk from Lucerne train station

VERY discreet

Dear Guest

Our studio is an oasis of relaxation.

We work in pairs at most on the same day.

for your safety,

Cosiness and well-being with us are never two appointments booked at the same time.

We look forward to you

Tantra Massage Luzern


A wonderful experience.

The creation of the massage is new every time and is not subject to a fixed sequence. Creative, imaginative, sensual, playful and with trained intuition, we will put you in a strengthening state of relaxation with sounds, scents, feathers and towels. You will be treated on a comfortable futon.

The Tantra Massage is a holistic massage.

We will touch and energize you with devotion. Receive and enjoy this high form of the ritual art of touch as a worship of your body and your personality.

The touches vary from slow, gentle and light touches to warm, flowing movements to stimulate the flow of energy in the body..

Duschritual Luzern


Magic relaxation.

Enchanting, relaxing and erotic tantric shower ritual.

Let yourself be carried away and let your thoughts escape.

Pleasant music, nice scents, warm shower by candlelight..

Enjoy this beautiful water ritual and let yourself be pampered with gentle shower massages in a relaxing and at the same time erotic atmosphere.

Your hands will pamper all over your sensual, erotic body with water and fragrant foam.

During the tantric shower ritual, your masseuse accompanies you lovingly, sensually lathers you up, massages you gently with the foam and plays with the water, showers you off again and slowly dries you. With the flowing water you are symbolically freed from everything disturbing and burdensome. Then you can relax and lie down on the lovingly prepared, pre-heated massage island for a tantra massage.

These massages must be booked at least one hour in advance, as this ritual must be prepared in advance and there is an additional charge of 50CHF.

erotik massage in luzern 12.jpg.jpeg


With the Body to Body Massage, also similar to the Tantra massages, you will be pampered with the whole body. With our body-to-body massages you will feel our beautiful whole body. The delicate hands, velvety-soft skin we will spoil you.

You will experience a feeling of incredible closeness, security and wellness.

Vierhandmasssge Luzern


The 4-hand massage achieves this inner state like hardly any other variant of the tantra massage. The head has to give up and the way is clear for the pure tenderness of this journey.

With this massage we offer you an intense experience of a special kind.

The presence of four sensitive hands puts you in a state of "no longer being able to locate". You experience exuberant sensuality and energy and your body seems to float - simply indescribable.

Tantra Massage Luzern


Wonderful body to body massages with light, creamy foam.

A pleasure for the senses.. pleasant and erotic.

Our foam massages are carried out with a great product which is very caring for the skin and at the same time has a cleansing effect - very easy to wash off, or just rinse with water.

With this great foam the masseuse can glide nicely on your body.

The body-to-body massage is primarily intended to stimulate your own body awareness and thus lead to inner relaxation.

erotik massage in luzern 6.jpg.jpeg


The caressing massage is a sensual massage ritual that focuses on letting go and devotion. The aim is to fully surrender to the gentle and very tender touches, to direct the perception inwards, into the body and to your own sensations and to expand your sensory world. The purpose of these massages is to awaken, maintain and distribute the sensual energy throughout the body.

It supports the development of sensuality and the complete perception of pleasure.

Erotic Massage


Classic relax massages combined with sensuality. A mixture of different massage techniques. Right when you need to relax deeply. The massages relieve tension.

Gently and methodically carried out stroking and touching your skin let you experience a high level of relaxation and energy with this massage. The total devotion to the moment enables the deep experience of physical and mental well-being.

If you want new relaxation horizons, we warmly welcome you to this massage.

Erotische Paar Massage


The special experience.

Treat yourself to a very special experience as a couple! Let both of you at the same time

give a tantric massage.

Our tantra massages for couples are a special opportunity to revitalize the partnership and to expand and deepen the relationship of trust. This special offer is suitable for couples who simply want to give each other a beautiful sensual experience together and especially for couples who want to consciously do something for the quality of the sensual dimension of their relationship.

As a partner in the protected framework of the tantra massage, you can open yourself up to new touches from others. This increases the willingness to allow a greater variety of impulses, to let yourself fall deeper and more trustingly and to experience closeness to your feelings again or even more.

Especially if both partners have this experience at the same time, they can enrich their relationship enormously on both an emotional and sensual level.

(on request)

Nuru Gel Massage


The Nuru massage is a special erotic experience with an intensive body to body massage. With the original Nuru Gel, which is incredibly slippery, almost like lubricating gel, an intensive massage becomes a pleasure with a lot of physical effort. The erotic and pleasurable feeling is increased disproportionately with the heated Nuru gel and becomes an unforgettable feeling.

At its core, the Nuru massage is a very slippery affair in which the entire bodies of the masseuse and her massage recipient enter maximum closeness with very low frictional energy.

For this we use a high-quality Nuru gel. 98% natural ingredients such as nori algae and aloe vera. The nori algae continuously supplies the skin with moisture and the aloe vera makes the skin beautifully supple.

50 CHF surcharge

tantra massage 06.jpg.jpeg


If you fancy a hot and romantic time and want to be spoiled with a nice massage, then our new massages are perfect for you

A great date where everything is prepared for you..

The masseuse of your choice will greet you warmly in hot underwear, at the beginning she offer champagne and offer you fine chocolates... Then she will enchant your eyes with a sensual striptease...

.. and spoil your body with beautiful body to body massages..

105 min 450 CHF (including 90 min massage)

135 min 550 CHF (including 2 hours massage)

"Pascha hot date"

with two masseuses

105 min min 850CHF (including 90 min 4-hand massage)

135 min 1000CHF (including 2 hours massage)

Tantra Massage 2_edited.jpg


The lingam massage is built into every massage.

Lingam massages - sensitive and conscious intimate touches. An effective massage for men to experience great desire, to feel accepted in their own masculinity and to deal more consciously with sexual energies. This sensual art of touch offers men the chance to get to know completely new possibilities and ways, as well as to rediscover being a man and the potential of the male sexual organ.

The lingam massage gives you deep access to your own lust and sexuality. A stimulating sensual full body massage precedes our lingam massage. The pelvic floor is loosened, the root of your lingam, as well as the perineum and the testicles are massaged extensively, skilfully and lovingly. The entire shaft is touched and pampered in a variety of ways, always with the aim of delaying pleasure with pleasure and making it felt throughout the body.

With our lingam massage, we want to encourage you to examine sexual limitations and replace them with more sexual fulfillment and new qualities of touch and experience. Since this massage is all about receiving and your needs are the focus, you can develop your sexual potential and thus your real ability to love. You gain lightness and security.

Prostata Massage


Every orifice in the body is connected to our feelings, so each one should find relaxation. This also applies to the anus - in tantra it is known as the emotional sexual center of the man. In tantra, the "opening" takes place, among other things, via prostate stimulation.

Prostate stimulation can awaken unexpected feelings in you.

These massages are performed with special toys (also with vibration) and fingers.

With the indirect prostate massage, your perineum – the area between the testicles and the anus – is stroked and massaged. With direct prostate stimulation, on the other hand, my index or middle finger is inserted into your anus and the prostate is stimulated directly.

Trust and devotion are important prerequisites for you to experience a wonderful feeling during the massage. This is prepared by a sensitive and careful anal massage.

The prostate is considered the male G-spot. Many men find it sexually stimulating when the prostate is additionally irritated. With intense stimulation, an orgasm can be triggered without stimulating the penis itself.

For most men, the prostate massage is therefore a particularly pleasurable experience. Men who regularly have such a massage performed on them experience increased well-being and a pleasurable sensitization.

If you would like a prostate massage, I ask you to flush your bowels at home.

TEL. 0041 78 735 94 22


We offer Massages Time from

30-180 minutes.

Please add enough time for a short conversation, time for tracing, showering as well as undressing and changing to your booked massage time so that you can enjoy your time

with us stress-free.

All the Massage Types are fully Body Massage

30 min 170 CHF

45 min 220 CHF

60 min 270 CHF

90 min 370 CHF

120 min 470 CHF

180 min 670 CHF

4Hand Massagen Double

For another Service - please request

Wellness Massage


30 min 120 CHF

45 min 170 CHF

60 min 220 CHF

90 min 320 CHF

120 min 420 CHF

Appointments are binding.

Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged.

Appointments made spontaneously or on the same day are also binding and in the event of cancellation or non-appearance you will also be charged.


We only use natural, high quality cold spread oils.

Before and after the massage, you can take a comfortable shower and still lie and relax.

We attach great importance to discretion and high standards.

Our studio is a relaxation oasis.

On the same day, we work as a maximum of two.

During your stay you will meet no other person than a massage therapist of your choice.

For your comfort and well-being with us, two appointments are never booked at the same time.


Important to know:

There is no oral or genital intercourse during all types of massage.

About Tantra

Authentic tantra massages

Special fully Body massages and worship rituals that have been woven into a true work of art. Thanks to the holistic approach of massage, all zones are completely naturally integrated.

Our Tantra Massage has a very nice, intuitive, unique structure. Every massage is unique. Meditative passages alternate with dynamic sequences. The basis and orientation of the ritual is the worship and acceptance of people as a holistic being.

Harmonizing the body

Aligning the energy pathways and balancing yin and yang (roughly speaking, these are the male and female energy partitions in the body) are the important aspects. Long afterwards you feel wonderfully vitalized.

Thanks to the different massage techniques such as BB, deep relaxation massages, stroking, you will get an unforgettable experience.

It feels like a journey into the world of sensuality.

Take a break Feel free and enjoy the deep calm and balance.

Sensual massages are another dimension, let yourself be surprised how

wonderful and relaxing it is.

Get to know yourself anew, in the rooms designed with love for it.

The pleasant, warm, tasteful, very well-kept and modernly furnished rooms ensure well-being.

Erotic Luzern
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