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Foot erotic experience massages©


Particularly very intense experiences with foot eroticism and body to body.

Experience the charm of your feet.

Do you like looking at beautiful and well-groomed feet?

Enjoy the aesthetics of the foot, the toes, the curves of the foot, up to the heel - a wonderful sight that invites you to stroke, touch, massage and indulge in other foot erotic pleasures.


The tongue can also be integrated into the game. With their beautiful feet, our ladies can pamper your body, roam over your skin, massage gently and then approach your intimate area, which is certainly already eagerly waiting to be touched. You can particularly look forward to a footjob.

Everything beautifully mixed with great body to body and lingam massages.

Food job and lingam mixed: caressing the bare feet of one of our ladies, clasped by the soles of the foot, rubbing the shaft until pleasant ecstasy. Light and gentle movements alternate with spirited pressure in order to then channel the excitement in the climax.


With the foot-to-body massage you will experience a highly erotic massage of a special kind. This session is an insider tip for foot fetishists.

Foot fetish, foot love, foot job or sock job: foot lovers can't get enough of female feet.


Intense moments of happiness.


Whether naked, in nylons, socks or high heels – tell us your preference!

You don't just want to stroke and caress a really beautiful foot, you also want to put it in your mouth and feel it with your tongue. Take your time for sensual foot sucking and also toe sucking.

Watch the lady enjoy the attention. Foot eroticism, where you take care of the attractive lady's feet, is a pleasure for both! Relax completely and enjoy an intimate togetherness that only exists with foot eroticism.


During the massage you are welcome to request a color of toenail polish (30 CHF surcharge)



30 minutes 250CHF

45 minutes 300 CHF

60 minutes 350 CHF

90 minutes 450 CHF


The first 20 minutes of this experience are pure foot fetish massages, then a mixture of body to body, lingam, sensuality and foot eroticism.

Foot eroticism Lucerne

Foot fetish and foot eroticism Lucerne

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi
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