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Bizarre massages

.With our soft bizarre massage we would like to expand the limits of your experience. 

The newcomer and the connoisseur will find an interesting and exciting massage program here. 


During our soft dominant massages, bizarre and sensual erotic massages are homogeneously fused together.


The surprising interplay between tension and relaxation, strictness and tenderness, cold authority and loving attention is a delightful change and for some a popular thrill. 


The sensual bondage massage is about lust, devotion and trust. The tantra massage is combined with light bondage. By tying the hands and/or feet, the tied person becomes somewhat defenseless and enjoys the touch of the other without being able to intervene.

Experiencing your own arousal without being able to become active yourself is not only very stimulating and stimulating, but also enables completely new sensory experiences. They play with numerous elements that evoke strong sensory stimuli and thus fire the imagination.

This type of massage is the ideal offer for connoisseurs who want to feel crackling eroticism without detours.


In order to increase the erotic tension to infinity, you will receive an eye mask that will evoke a new sensory experience in you. A little helper, who will play along from now on, will support her and drive you out of your mind. Your whole body will be flooded and your climax will be incomparably intense like you haven't experienced in a long time. This massage is ideal for connoisseurs who want to feel sizzling eroticism without detours.


You are invited to have an open preliminary talk with your masseuse so that the massage 

Can be customized to your needs.


Let yourself be pampered.. Foot eroticism, tying, blindfolding, whipping, tying, nipple treatment, bizarre shower service, dirty talk, natural champagne... other services on request.


45  min from 300 CHF

60  min from 350 CHF

90  min from 450 CHF

120 minutes from 550 CHF


Natural sparkling wine-golden shower 150 CHF (can be booked with every massage)


Dominate Service on request  

Various fetishes on request 


(not all massage therapists offer our bizarre massages)


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foot erotic adventure massages©

Especially very intense experiences with foot eroticism and body to body.

Experience the charm of your feet.

Do you like looking at beautiful and well-groomed feet?

Enjoy the aesthetics of the foot, the toes, the curves of the foot, down to the heel - a wonderful sight that invites you to stroke, touch, massage and indulge in other pleasures of foot eroticism.

The tongue can also be integrated into the game. With their beautiful feet, our ladies can pamper your body, caress your skin, massage gently and then approach your intimate area, which is sure to be eagerly awaiting touch. You can look forward to a foot job.

All beautifully mixed with great body to body and lingam massages.

Food job and lingam mixed: caressed with the bare feet of one of our ladies, clutched by the soles of the foot, rubbing the shaft to the point of pleasant ecstasy. Light and gentle movements alternate with spirited pressure in order to then channel the excitement to the climax.

With the foot-to-body massage you will experience a highly erotic massage of a special kind. This session is an insider tip for foot fetishists.

Foot fetish, foot love, foot job or sock job: foot lovers can't get enough of female feet.

Intense moments of happiness.

Whether naked, in stockings, socks or high heels - tell us your preference!

You don't just want to stroke and caress a really nice foot, you also want to put it in your mouth and feel it with your tongue. Make time for sensual foot sucking and toe sucking too.

Watch the lady enjoying the attention. The foot eroticism, where you take care of the attractive lady's feet, is a pleasure for both of you! Relax completely and enjoy an intimate togetherness that only exists with foot eroticism.

You are welcome to have toenail polish color for the massage (30 CHF surcharge)


30 min 250CHF

45 minutes 300 CHF

60 minutes 350 CHF

90 minutes 450 CHF

The first 20 minutes of this experience are pure foot fetish massages, then a mixture of body to body, lingam, sensuality and foot eroticism.

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