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Do I need special knowledge or experience for this type of massage?


Our tantra massages are about relaxing, surrendering and allowing yourself to be pampered - so no experience or special knowledge is necessary. With us you can practice doing nothing, feeling and sensing. We accompany your body and your sensuality.

Erotic massage Lucerne

What is Tantra?


Tantric massages, erotic massages, sensual massages, body to body massages belong to the same types of massages. Tantra and erotic massage are holistic massages that treat people on a physical, mental and spiritual level. A holistic massage attempts to bring the person as a whole into harmony by using various massage techniques.

Tantra Lucerne

How does the tantra massage work?


You receive the massage unclothed. Your body is touched using a variety of techniques that stimulate the flow of energy, sensitize the body and open the senses. This makes you feel deeply relaxed but still awake. The tantra massage follows a certain basic structure - your head, face, hands and feet, your yang side (back) and your yin side (front) are massaged extensively. The massage may feel different each time.

Erotic massage Lucerne

Erotic massage Lucerne

What can be the aim of the massages?


The aim of all sensual massages is to regain your senses so that you can become more aware of your body and your senses again. When it comes to erotic-sensual Tantra massages, no two massages are the same. Some people use the massage to get to know their own sexual energy more intensively. This sensory experience is not just limited to the intimate area, but involves your entire body - so you can learn to discover your sexual power.

Tantra massages Lucerne

What does a visit with us look like?


The course of the visit and the massages can only be described in general terms. The massages themselves will be different every time and with every masseuse. It depends on many different things, such as exactly which massages you want, who is massaging you, what techniques the masseuse uses and your needs that day. Every masseuse has her own style and different training. If you knew the exact process in advance, there would be less anticipation and the surprise effect.


The basic process of the whole visit:

Your desired masseuse will meet you personally at the agreed time. She will show you where you can take off your shoes and then accompany you into the room. You can greet each other there. After taking off your outer clothing, you can sit comfortably. Your fairy will ask if you would like something to drink (various hot and cold soft and alcoholic drinks and sweets are free). You will be served your drink. Feel free to express your current needs or be asked about them. After the conversation, you will hand over the agreed amount to your masseuse. Now you can prepare for the shower. Your fairy will take you to the bathroom - fresh towels and various hygiene products are available on site. The booked massage time is pure treatment time. During this time you are both completely naked most of the time. Now your dream experience will begin. Whether it begins lying down or in another way depends on the type of massage booked.

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What happens during the massage process?


The basic massage process:

You are comfortably placed on the heated bed. First you lie on your stomach. Your masseuse can be next to you or even on top of you. You will feel her hands caressing you all over. A special closeness arises. Warm, natural oil or another massage oil is slowly and evenly distributed over your entire body. You will be massaged using different techniques and sometimes the masseuse will massage you not only with her hands, but also with her body. At the right moment you will turn around and the front of your body will be lovingly massaged. If desired, head and face too. Gentle touches to her body are welcome (unless otherwise discussed). The masseuse focuses on giving you an incredible time and pampering you. This massage is all about you. You should feel and enjoy the touch. That's why the masseuse's vagina remains untouched, so you can experience all the touches very intensively. Your entire intimate area - penis, testicles,

Glans and, if agreed, anus - are of course included, massaged, stroked and stimulated sometimes more delicately, sometimes more intensively, and at the right moment an intensive lingam massage is carried out

(Penis massages that can lead to orgasm if desired).

Afterwards you have time to rest and take a shower.

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Is the masseuse naked during the massage?


In the tantric tradition, man (Shiva) and woman (Shakti) meet on the same level. We understand being naked as something natural and beautiful, free from shame and lewdness. Can sexual exchange take place during the massage? No. With us you will receive holistic tantric massages that give you a sensual experience, but are not an invitation to sexual exchange. This offers you the opportunity to get to know your physical experience in a new way, free of expectations and goals. If the masseuse doesn't mind, you are welcome to sensually touch her body and breasts (the vagina is not allowed to be touched).

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How do you handle hygiene?


We attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene. Our bathrooms and rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each use. All laundry is washed at 95 degrees.


Which massage oils do you use?

We use cold-pressed, organic, high-quality oils.


How old do I have to be?


To receive a massage from us, you must be at least 18 years old.

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